Is There a Difference Between a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Coordinator?

“My venue has a coordinator. Do I really need a wedding coordinator too?”

We get asked this question a lot. While their titles are similar, they are actually quite different and it’s important to understand the distinction before making a decision about hiring an independent wedding coordinator. Both coordinators are working towards the same goal of executing a successful event where everyone leaves happy. But, their focus is different and so are their responsibilities. Below is a brief breakdown (by no means a complete list of everything they do!):

Venue Coordinator

A Venue Coordinator is an employee of the venue. They provide information and details about the space, create room layouts for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception according to your specifications, manage venue and catering staff as well as relay information regarding set-up, dinner service, and break-down. Some will provide a timeline but more than likely, it will not include details like hair and make-up or the first look. And most venue coordinators will leave after dinner or cake are served. They are representatives of the venue and not necessarily of the couple.

Wedding Coordinator

A Wedding Coordinator, on the other hand, has been personally hired by you to represent them throughout the planning process and on the wedding day. They are with you when you are finalizing details with all of your vendors, helping review contracts and making sure that everything that was promised is delivered. They provide a detailed itinerary so that no detail is forgotten and everyone knows where they are supposed to be. And they are there for little things like pinning boutonnieres, keeping you on schedule, covering up the mark on your dress where your dad accidentally stepped on it, or making sure all of your personal belongings are in the car and ready to go with you to your hotel! Your wedding coordinator will represent YOU.

This comparison is not meant to prove one coordinator is more valuable than the other, but instead to show that there is a major difference in the services they provide. We have worked with some amazing venue coordinators and believe that having someone manage BOTH sides of your event will help you and your family relax and enjoy such a special day!

If you are planning a wedding in the Atlanta area and are looking for someone to help manage all the details of your day, give us a ring! Info here Pili & Talli Info.

Happy Planning!

Pilar & Natalie


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