Meet Pili & Talli

We are sisters Pilar and Natalie or as our dad affectionately calls us, Pili (Pee-lee) and Talli (Ta-lee). Officially, we went into business for ourselves in 2014 but we’ve been planning events for much longer than that.  Sure, our first clients may have been dolls, but their parties were epic and every guest left with a party favor and a smile!  

Together we have 20 years of combined experience in the restaurant and catering industry.  Natalie has a background in project management and Pilar in corporate event planning.  Things may have changed since we were kids, but one thing that remains the same is our passion for planning.  The best decision we made was to step out on our own to pursue our true love of connecting with people and helping them create memories that will last well beyond the dance floor.

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I am a proud Georgia Bulldawg and resident of Atlanta, a city I fall more in love with every day!  I love spending time with my husband, our two dogs, Mushi and Bagel and the most recent addition to our family, baby Gus.  

Among my favorite things: Ken Burns documentaries, tarot card readings (I can introduce you to the best in Atlanta), not wearing shoes, vision boards, crafting, i-tunes gift cards (yes, I know you can stream music), taking walks with my dogs, movies with a strong female lead (so says netflix), and attempting to follow every inspirational account available on instagram. 

My personal philosophy is less is more.  Less screen time and more being present in the moment.  Easier said than done I know!  I think it’s so important to take care of your whole self and am constantly trying to find that balance in my own life. I love connecting with people and getting to share in their life’s journey which makes this job feel less like work and more like a gift!  


I am a newly-wed and love spending time with my husband, Brandon.  Our favorite pastimes include binge watching the Office on Netflix or taking evening walks around our neighborhood.  My niece and nephew puppies are so important to me that I made sure to add a first-look with them to my wedding photo shot list.  

My Instagram feed is mostly dogs and inspirational quotes.  I love snapchat, but just for the filters and my bitmoji has the ability to truly communicate my feelings to others.  I am a master organizer and love spreadsheets and excel formulas.   My guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of any given city and Teen Mom.  I love shopping for a bargain and have found some real treasures searching the racks of Goodwill.  When I’m not dressed up for work you can find me in a screen tee and jeans. 

 I love making people laugh and have been told I have an ability to lighten the mood when tensions are high.  I don’t take life too seriously but always make sure to celebrate both the little and big moments!