Natalie- I am a newly-wed and love spending time with my husband Brandon, binge watching the Office on Netflix, playing board games, listening to live music, going to comedy shows, and taking evening walks around our neighborhood.  My niece and nephew puppies are so important to me that I made sure to add a first-look with them to my wedding photo shot list.  My Instagram feed is mostly dogs and inspirational quotes.  I love snapchat, but just for the filters and my bitmoji has the ability to truly communicate my feelings to others.  I am a master organizer and love spreadsheets and excel formulas.  I could live off a diet of Mexican food and potato products.  My guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of any given city and Teen Mom.  I love shopping for a bargain and have found some real treasures searching the racks of Goodwill.  When I’m not dressed up for work you can find me in a screen t and jeans.  I love making people laugh and have been told I have an ability to lighten the mood when tensions are high.  I don’t take life too seriously but always make sure to celebrate both the little and big moments!

Pilar- I am a Marietta raised, Atlanta living, Georgia bulldog.  I love spending time with my husband and our two dogs, Mushi and Bagel.  Sunday mornings are usually spent at the farmers’ market, not really buying anything like fresh fruits or veggies, just eating our way from one end to the other.  Other times you can find us walking the belt line or exploring new restaurants around the city. I also appreciate quiet time at home reading or watching the most recent special on PBS or BBC. In my perfect world, make-up, blow-dried hair, and shoes would not be a requirement.  I’m a texture person and prefer my food without any bits like pulp or seeds.  I like to think of my life as a movie and use music to fuel my moods, in fact most birthday presents I receive are i-tunes gift cards.  I’m risk-averse because I anticipate every outcome for each decision I make which does not make me spontaneous but does make me a great planner.  My general philosophy for life is to keep a good balance…less screen time and more being present in the moment.  I love connecting with people and getting to share in their journey.

We are sisters Pilar and Natalie or Pili (Pee-lee) and Talli (Ta-lee) as our dad affectionately called us growing up.  Officially, we went into business for ourselves in 2014 but we’ve been planning events for much longer than that.  Our first clients were cabbage patches who had epic birthday parties with all the kids from the neighborhood.  These events featured world class entertainment like magic shows and well-choreographed dances and every guest left with a smile and a party favor.  Since that time we’ve stepped up our game and no longer provide in house entertainment…wink, wink.  But seriously, Natalie’s background in project management and Pilar’s experience in corporate meeting planning along with our combined time spent in the restaurant and catering business led us to step out on our own and live our passion for planning and coordinating events.

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